What to Expect From a Male Brazilian Hair Removal

Women are not the only ones struggling with the problem of unwanted hair on their bodies. Men can also experience excess hair growth in places where they are not needed such as the back,  chest, neck, and face. Trimming or ‘manscaping’ the hair in the pubic region is also becoming popular as more men want to look groomed, clean, and attractive. 

So what exactly is a male Brazilian hair removal procedure? Similar to the usual Brazilian treatment for females, this refers to cleaning up all of the hair from the pubic area, scrotum, and anal region. A Brazilian laser treatment solves most men’s problems with itching, shaving bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hair from regular shaving and leaves them with a neat and freshly-shaven look in their bikini and pubic area. 

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Men’s Laser Hair Removal: What It Includes and Why Should You Get It 

A Brazilian laser hair removal is not at all limited to ladies who want to groom their body hair down there. Male Brazilian, sometimes called manzilian, is a popular laser hair removal for the males who want to manage their hair growth in the pubic region and stop feeling self-conscious about their hairy appearance. 

Like how a full Brazilian cleans the entire nether region for a woman, a male Brazilian hair removal treats the entire pubic region including the upper thighs, genitals, and around the anal area. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal for men: 

  • Keeps you in tiptop shape and looks good all year round: Whether it’s beach season or not, men also care about their appearance and want to have hair-free and smooth skin confidence when they’re stripping down to their underwear and boxers. Men’s laser hair removal keeps hair growth at bay so you can go hairless for months on end. 
  • Promotes good hygiene: Having a full bush can trap some of the sweat in your pubic area and can affect your hygiene and smell. This can make anyone feel uncomfortable in their own skin but when you get a Brazilian laser hair removal, you’ll feel cleaner and fresher in your pubic area. 
  • No more ingrown hairs, shaving rash, or razor burns. Although daily shaving is an efficient way to trim unwanted body hair on your own, it can irritate your skin after and leave an itchy stubble, rash, burns, or ingrown hair which can be annoying to have. 
  • Saves you time and money from regular maintenance. The best thing about laser hair removal technology is that it interrupts the hair growth cycle to delay regrowth and keep you hair-free and clean skin for months. Getting a male Brazilian is definitely worth the investment since it’s a good solution for permanent hair reduction. 

How Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men Works 

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The laser hair removal method makes use of laser energy and heat to destroy unwanted hair from its root. During your laser hair removal procedure, your provider will use a laser hair removal device that will send a concentrated beam of light that will be absorbed by the dark pigment cells in the hair follicle. The heat will subsequently damage the hair and its roots, altering its cycle of hair growth and reducing visible hair after the treatment. 

It’s said that a single laser hair removal session can achieve hair reduction by 10 to 25 percent. This will improve until no hairs are visible with multiple treatments scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. 

Similar to Brazilian treatment for ladies, there are also different forms and approaches to how a male Brazilian treatment can be done. Some of the popular styles of men’s laser hair removal treatment are:

  • Briefs style: If ladies have the bikini line hair removal, men have the so-called ‘briefs’ where the hair that is usually visible on the sides of their underwear is trimmed away. 
  • Lion’s mane: This male laser hair removal technique takes care of all hair on the testicles and penis but leaves a triangle patch or neat strip of hair just on top of the pubic bone. 
  • Full manzilian: This is essentially the same as a full Brazilian treatment where all pubic hair is removed including in the genitals region, leaving you bare and completely hair-free. 

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with dark hair and light skin since the light energy is attracted to the melanin. But fortunately, there are newer laser devices that now make it possible for almost any individual to get a laser hair removal regardless of their skin type, skin tone, and hair type. Just be sure to get a consultation to determine which type of laser will be used for your Brazilian treatment. 

What to Do Before and After A Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Procedure

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Before your first male Brazilian laser hair treatment, there are several things you need to do to ensure a comfortable and effective procedure: 

  • On the day before your laser hair reduction session, keep the treatment area clean and shave some pubic hair away to avoid the risk of burning from the laser. 
  • Avoid waxing, plucking, or using any kind of epilation or shaving cream before the laser treatment. 
  • Avoid sun exposure, saunas, or tanning for at least two weeks prior to your procedure. 
  • Take a shower in the morning before going to your med spa or laser clinic so that the treatment area will be clean for your practitioner. 

The procedure for a male Brazilian is mostly convenient, pain-free, and requires zero downtime. However, you may experience common side effects like mild sunburn, redness, swelling, and skin sensitivity in the pubic region. While these post-treatment reactions go away on their own after a few days, here are some aftercare tips to help alleviate the discomfort after the laser procedure: 

  • Apply a topical cream or cold compress to soothe the pain and discomfort in the treated area. 
  • In the days following the treatment, you will notice hair shedding which is completely normal. You should let them fall on their own and avoid shaving or plucking them. 
  • Stay away from the sun and avoid exposure to heat for several days after the treatment. 
  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes and underwear to avoid irritating the pubic area after the procedure. 

Safe and Long-Lasting Laser Hair Removal for Men at The Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body 

Men also deserve to have their personal needs taken care of and getting a male Brazilian treatment is one of the best ways to keep themselves well-groomed all the time. Here at The Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body, our licensed practitioners  and staff are highly trained when it comes to laser hair removal for all your body and facial hair problems. 

We are one of the premier clinics offering both health services and cosmetic treatments for men. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to know more about our offers and how we can personalize our procedures for your needs. Getting smooth and hair-free skin is within your reach. Contact us for a consultation today.

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Say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair and all the shaving and waxing that comes with it. Book your laser hair removal sessions today.



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