Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know

The bikini area is one of the most common treatment areas for laser hair removal treatments. Many patients choose this procedure over shaving, waxing, and plucking unwanted pubic hair because of several reasons – it’s safe, essentially painless, and long-lasting. But like other aesthetic treatments for the body, it’s important to do your research first and know more about the procedure before trying it.

So what should you know about Brazilian laser hair removal treatments? Laser hair removal in the bikini area is a painless, semi-permanent hair reduction treatment that eliminates unwanted body hair and keeps them from growing for a long time. Patients are asked to shave the target area before the treatment. They’re also given a set of aftercare instructions to avoid irritation and other side effects. 

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What You Should Know Before Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are one of the most requested procedures in medical spas and aesthetic clinics. According to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the ASPS, more than 750,000 laser hair removal treatments were performed in the country in 2020 alone.

This non-invasive treatment is safe enough for almost every part of the body with excess hairs, but many patients use it to eliminate the pubic hair in the bikini area. Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are especially popular once the summer season starts because many patients want to show off their beach-ready bodies without worrying about hairs peeking out of their bikinis.

But before you hit the nearest med spa for a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, there are a few things you must know first. 

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is a safe, minimally invasive, and mostly painless way to eliminate all or almost all the hair in the pubic area. Many patients prefer this method over other hair removal techniques because it gives them hair-free, smooth skin for much longer.

Laser hair removal works using laser technology to deliver a specific wavelength of light to the hair root, destroying the dark hair follicles and preventing hair growth. This permanent hair removal option works better on patients with fair skin and dark hair type.

Getting a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is similar to a Brazilian wax when it comes to results – just minus the pain and frequent maintenance. All the hair on the labia, around the sides, and along the bum are removed. Depending on the patient’s preference, our laser technician may leave a small patch of hair on top for aesthetic purposes.

Many of our patients here at Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body were concerned about having laser treatments on the most sensitive part of their bodies, but we always make sure to make the treatment comfortable for them. There might be slight pain during the procedure, but patients may request numbing creams or cold compress to help ease the discomfort.

The Benefits of Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal treatments make the skin around sensitive areas smooth, flawless, and hair-free. They’re also an effective way to avoid developing stubbles and irritation caused by other hair removal procedures. Here are some of the best benefits of laser hair removal treatments:

  • They’re more cost-effective – Although the initial cost of a laser hair treatment is more expensive than shaving products and waxing treatment, patients are bound to save more money because these treatments are more permanent than traditional hair removal techniques. Instead of visiting a waxing salon every few weeks, patients only need to visit a laser treatment clinic every several months to maintain a hair-free bikini area.
  • They hurt a lot less – Waxing and plucking are painful, but even more so in sensitive areas. Laser hair removal patients only experience minimal pain during their treatment. They might feel a stinging sensation, but the pain is tolerable for most people. Some clinics like the Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body offer topical anesthetics and other numbing techniques to help patients minimize the discomfort during the treatment.
  • They’re easy to maintain – Since the results last longer than other treatments, patients don’t have to worry about trimming or waxing every few weeks. Patients may enjoy a hair-free bikini area for months after completing all their treatment sessions. 
  • They don’t cause razor burn, red bumps, and ingrown hairs – Brazilian laser hair reduction treatments target the hair bulbs and prevent them from growing more hair shafts. This process helps minimize the chances of developing ingrown hairs and red bumps that are common with shaving and waxing. 

What Happens Before, During, and After the Procedure

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Knowing what to expect before, during, after an aesthetic procedure like Brazilian laser hair removal helps patients decide whether or not it’s the best treatment for them.


The first step to a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure is consultation with a board-certified aesthetician. This helps patients find out whether they’re good candidates for laser hair removal. During the initial consultation, patients are asked about their medical history and expected results.

The doctor should also explain everything that the patient needs to know about their treatment including the estimated costs, the number of sessions required, and other important details. Once everything has been settled, the doctor and patient should decide on the best appointment date for the procedure.

Here are other ways to prepare for a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment:

  • Avoid waxing, epilating, or plucking the dark hair before the treatment. Shaving is the only hair removal method allowed before getting a Brazilian laser treatment, but patients should also watch out for its intensity as this can affect your pain threshold during the actual Brazilian treatment .
  • Take a shower before the appointment. Bathing helps avoid an unpleasant smell and makes the pores more accessible for laser treatment.
  • Choose clothes that are loose and comfortable to prevent irritation.
    Avoid tanning and sunbathing a few days before the procedure. The UV rays from sun exposure and other activities might affect the laser treatment.
  • Exfoliate the treatment areas using gentle products. This helps eliminate the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, resulting in easier removal of hair shafts during the treatment.


On the day of the treatment, the laser technician or medical professional should perform a patch test on the patient first to see how their skin type reacts to the procedure. Patients may ask the provider for numbing creams before the treatment to help with the pain.

During the treatment, the doctor or technician uses a handheld device to eliminate the hairs in the bikini area. Patients may feel stinging sensations that are similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin, but this pain is mostly tolerable. Some laser hair removal devices come with a cooling system that helps soothe the skin during the treatment.

Our staff at the Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body prioritizes patient comfort and safety at all times. We always make sure to check up on the patient throughout the treatment.


The entire treatment session usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment area and the amount of unwanted hair to be removed. Patients may experience swelling, soreness, bruising, and redness in their bikini area, but these symptoms usually subside after a few hours or days.

Here are other aftercare tips to help speed up the recovery process and ensure that each patient gets the best results for their Brazilian laser hair removal treatment:

  • Wash the treated area with clean water and gentle soap.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun or other UV sources.
  • Avoid swimming and other similar activities that might expose the treated areas to chlorine for about 2 days.
  • Don’t attempt strenuous activities for about 3 days after the treatment. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The exact cost of Brazilian laser hair removal treatment depends on the patient’s desired results. The average cost per treatment in the US is about $150 to $300 per treatment session, but most patients require about 4 to 6 treatment sessions to see the results they want. It’s better to talk to a trusted provider of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments to get a proper estimate of the procedure for you. 

Are Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatments Worth it?

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Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are highly effective when it comes to eliminating unwanted pubic hair for a long time. Although they might come across as more expensive than waxing treatments and shaving products, these procedures are actually more cost-effective in the long run.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective treatment to keep your bikini area hair-free for several months, then Brazilian laser hair removals are definitely worth a try. Just make sure to get these treatments performed by a board-certified dermatologist, technician, or beauty specialist to achieve your desired results without worrying about possible side effects. 

Eliminate Unwanted Hair in the Bikini Area at the Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body

Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body is a leading aesthetics clinic in Totowa, NJ with years of experience and highly-skilled staff to help you achieve your beauty goals and needs. We only use the best methods, tools, and techniques to give you the best results possible. 

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Say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair and all the shaving and waxing that comes with it. Book your laser hair removal sessions today.



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