Hair Restoration in Totowa NJ: Treatments at Rejuvenation Med Spa

Regrow Healthy Hair With Hair Restoration Treatments

Bald spots or patches, thinning hair, and receding hairline are some of the symptoms that point to hair loss. Either man or woman can experience hair loss in their lifetime and it can be caused by several factors such as hormone imbalance, genetics, or stress. Since this problem can affect a person’s self-confidence, hair restoration services are fast becoming a popular treatment for addressing hair loss.

At Rejuvenation Med Spa, hair restoration services, which can include eyebrow restoration, beard restoration, and male and female hair restoration, use the innovative technology of microneedling and PRP injections to stimulate hair growth. It can also promote collagen growth to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair follicle damage.


Rejuvenation Med Spa: Your Trusted Aesthetics Clinic for Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures by clients who are suffering from female or male pattern baldness, moderate to severe hair loss, and thinning hair. At Rejuvenation Med Spa, our trained aestheticians, led by Dr. Festa, ensure that you get quality hair restoration services to bring back thick and luscious-looking hair without surgery.  

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Our excellent team specializes in personalized aesthetic services and holistic patient care centered on creating long-standing relationships to assure that we are serving your needs. All procedures are done in our world class clinic that is equipped with the latest equipment and each of our staff is trained with the best microneedling techniques and for optimal hair restoration results.

3 Key Benefits Of Hair Restoration

  • Promotes natural and original hair growth: Hair restoration by microneedling uses a handheld device or roller with tiny needles. Our doctor will carefully move the device across the scalp to create small injuries or microtears that will cause the body to activate its healing mechanism and release collagen to promote natural hair regrowth in the treated area.  
  • Targets hair loss issue at its roots: Together with microneedling, our doctor can also apply PRP serum or stem cells treatments to the treatment site. These injections contain growth factors that are needed by the hair to grow. It can also increase blood supply in the follicles to increase hair density and thickness.  
  • Noninvasive and minimal risk procedure: Unlike hair transplantation and other hair restoration surgery options, microneedling and PRP injections for hair loss are nonsurgical and you can only experience mild discomfort and pain from the injections. It also carries minimal side effects which usually only last for several days after the treatment.

FAQs: What To Know About Hair Restoration

What is the difference between hair restoration and hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant, or DFI hair transplant,  is a type of hair restoration surgery that requires extracting hair from other areas and transferring them to bald spots. Unlike hair restoration with microneedling, it’s an invasive operation where a surgeon removes a part of the hair or scalp and moves them to the area that needs hair growth.

Are hair restoration and hair replacement the same?

Hair restoration is a treatment that induces the growth of new hair follicles to address hair loss, and this can be done surgically (transplant) or nonsurgical (microneedling). Hair replacement is another form of nonsurgical hair restoration where artificial hair systems are attached to the scalp to look like natural hair growth.  

How soon can you see the effects of the hair loss treatment?  

The results of microneedling and PRP injections are not immediate since the scalp may need some time to stimulate collagen and grow new hair follicles. It may take several weeks for the full effects to be noticeable. Over time, you’ll notice that hair becomes thicker and appears fuller with no more visible bald spots. Consult with our exceptional team if you need follow-up treatments to maintain the effects of the procedure.  

Top-Rated Aesthetics Hair Restoration and Primary Care Solutions at Rejuvenation Med Spa

Rejuvenation Med Spa is a premier primary care and aesthetic services provider for hair restoration treatments in Totowa, NJ. The clinic is led by Dr. Eugene Festa whose years of medical experience have allowed him to become one of the most sought-after providers for trusted health care and cosmetic procedures. 

At Rejuvenation Med Spa, we care for our client’s total well-being and strive to let everyone look and feel their best. Our excellent services range from dermal fillers, Botox injections, cryotherapy facials, and med spa and skin treatments to laser hair removal to preventive medicine and much more. Contact us today and book a free consultation with one of our specialists. 

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