Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal Brazilian Treatment: Which Should You Get?

Managing facial hair and body hair on your own is a lot of work. Thankfully, there are permanent hair removal options today that can save you from the tedious effort of shaving and waxing on a regular basis. To effectively remove your unwanted hair for a long time, it has to be addressed from its roots, and this can only be done by laser hair removal and electrolysis treatment. 

So between electrolysis and laser treatment, which one is better for Brazilian hair removal? Electrolysis and laser hair treatments are both excellent options for permanent hair reduction in the bikini line and pubic region. However, you may need more treatment sessions for electrolysis compared to Brazilian laser treatment since it delivers heat to the follicle individually and slowly while a laser device can treat multiple hairs at once. 

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Say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair and all the shaving and waxing that comes with it. Book your laser hair removal sessions today.

Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Better for Brazilian Procedure? 

Unwanted hair can grow on almost any part of the body but one of the common treatment sites for permanent hair removal is the bikini area. Many people are now getting bikini hair removal or going full Brazilian not just for the sole purpose of being bikini-ready but also for personal grooming to look and feel fresh down there. 

When searching for permanent hair removal options, these are the two methods that usually come up:

 Electrolysis hair removal Laser hair removal  
Where it can be done Mostly for facial hair including upper lip, cheeks, chin, sideburns but can also be used for bikini area Treats unwanted hair on the legs, underarms, face, back and chest, bikini line, and the genital and inner buttocks area
How is it done Utilizes electric or radiofrequency energy waves to permanently destroy the hair follicle Utilizes laser energy to heat the follicle and disrupts the unwanted hair growth cycle 
Treatment time Electrolysis procedure can take long sessions lasting 45 minutes to an hour Brazilian laser hair removal is faster and can be done in about 20 minutes 
How many treatment sessions needed May take 8 to 12 sessions for Brazilian treatment, depending on your hair growth Minimum of 6 to 8 treatments scheduled with 3 to 4 week intervals 
What results look like Results are more permanent compared to laser hair removalCan last for several months before you see new hair growth 

How Electrolysis Hair Removal Works

Electrolysis is the only technique approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.  The idea behind this hair removal method is that it uses a tiny needle or probe to send electric energy that will damage the hair follicle. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that should be performed only by a certified electrologist or dermatologist to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. 

Here’s all you need to know about how electrolysis hair removal treatment works: 

  • What the procedure looks like: Your cosmetic provider or electrologist can prep your treatment area with a numbing cream to lessen the discomfort. Afterward, they’ll take a small probe that will transmit low pulses of radiofrequency waves into the hair follicle. The electric current will destroy the roots itself which will cause hair to fall out and prevent further hair growth in the bikini area. The probe is able to treat one pubic hair at a time so the procedure can take quite a while and you may need multiple treatments to achieve complete Brazilian hair removal. 
  • What happens after the treatment: There’s only little aftercare and downtime needed after an electrolysis treatment. However, you may need to be gentle with your bikini area since you can experience common side effects like redness and skin irritation from the procedure. These reactions are temporary and will resolve on their own after several hours. 
  • How permanent is electrolysis: Once all the roots are destroyed, visible hair is removed and no new hair will grow in the treated area so its results are permanent and long-lasting. 
  • Who it works best for: Electrolysis works on all people with any skin type, hair color, and hair type.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Brazilian laser hair treatment uses laser-generated heat to damage hair follicles. Although it claims to give permanent unwanted hair removal, its actual aim is to interrupt the active hair growth cycle by damaging the roots so they’re unable to grow new hair for a period of time. Aside from removing unwanted hair, laser treatment can simultaneously improve skin texture so your bikini line will look smooth and flawless. 

Here’s what you can expect with Brazilian laser removal: 

  • What the procedure looks like: The procedure begins with your provider applying a cooling gel or topical anesthetic on the bikini and pubic area and you’ll wear protective eyeglasses to protect from the laser. Many people report feeling a warm pulsing sensation similar to a rubber band snap across the skin as the laser device sends beams of laser light to the active follicles. The laser hair removal machine can precisely and quickly target the hairs so the procedure can be over in a few minutes. 
  • What happens after the treatment: Similar to electrolysis, there’s minimal to zero downtime required but you may experience possible side effects of laser hair treatment like skin redness, minor irritation, skin discoloration, and sunburn-like crusting and inflammation. Using soothing products like Aloe vera or moisturizer lotion can help alleviate some of the skin dryness and pain after the procedure. 
  • How permanent is laser hair removal: Brazilian treatment via laser hair removal isn’t as permanent as electrolysis but it lasts long enough for you to enjoy hair-free smooth skin without the need for constant shaving. Before you see new hair growth, you can enjoy its results for a few months to a year. 
  • Who it works best for: Laser hair removal procedure ideally works on individuals with dark hair and light skin but newer lasers are now available to treat those with dark skin and light hair as well. 

Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal: Pros and Cons 

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It’s best to discuss your personal goals with your provider to find out which hair removal method is the right fit for you. You should also weigh their advantages to have an idea of which option is better. Here is a look at each of the pros and cons of electrolysis and laser treatment for Brazilian hair removal: 

 Electrolysis Laser hair removal 
ProsFDA-approved for permanent hair removal treatmentEliminates the need for regular hair maintenanceWorks for any skin type and hair colorFewer side effects and risks  Effectively slows down future growth of hair Gets rid of ingrown hair, razor burns, and shaving cuts and bumps Quick and convenient treatment for hair removalCovers multiple hairs at once  
ConsTime-consuming and needs follow-up sessions The procedure may be uncomfortable and painfulTreats one hair at a time Multiple sessions needed to get complete bikini and Brazilian removalSome lasers may not work for people with darker skin color or light hair May increase skin sensitivity so you need to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks 

How to Know Which Brazilian Treatment Is Right for You 

Aside from the pros and cons, there are also several personal factors that you need to consider when choosing which Brazilian treatment to get: 

  • How soon you want to see results: You may see earlier results in lesser treatment sessions when you get Brazilian laser hair reduction than electrolysis
  • Your level of pain tolerance: Although the treatment pain is manageable, some say that an electrolysis procedure is more painful than a laser hair treatment 
  • Area being treated: A laser hair removal can be more efficient at treating bikini areas than electrolysis considering its intensive process of treating one hair at a time 
  • Treatment cost: One session of electrolysis is cheaper than laser treatment but considering that you need follow-up treatments, you may end up spending more than your budget

Quality Laser Hair Removal Treatments at The Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body

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Say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair and all the shaving and waxing that comes with it. Book your laser hair removal sessions today.



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