Can Botox Help With Lips Droopy On One Side?

If your lip droops on one side when you talk, chances are it's also lopsided even with a relaxed face. Most people with cases of one-sided droopy lips have trouble moving the other side of their face, which results in its asymmetrical appearance. This condition usually returns to normal by itself, but it's sometimes caused by other serious conditions. The good thing is that solutions are now available to help alleviate the effects you’re experiencing, such as Botox.

So can Botox help with droopy lips? Yes, Botox is one of the tried-and-tested treatments that can help those whose lips droop on one side involuntarily. Botox may help with one-sided hanging lips as it temporarily freezes the hyperactive muscles that cause asymmetry on the face. There are many reasons why a side of your lip droops on its own, but Botox may reduce the appearance of a lopsided face.

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Can Botox Help With Lips Drooping During Speech

Most people are familiar with Botox as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments--it's been a reliable solution for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. FDA hasn’t only approved this injectable for aesthetic purposes but also for medical treatments. 

Botox is also being used today by medical professionals as prophylaxis and/or treating other conditions, such as involuntary contractions, muscle spasms, incontinence, chronic migraine, and more. Yes, that includes one-sided droopy lips or facial paralysis.

Botox is a minimally invasive procedure that temporarily relaxes your facial muscles when injected. It contains a type of protein called botulinum toxin. This is the same substance you may find in spoiled food, which may cause muscle weakness, difficulty in breathing, and even death. It becomes safe when purified and administered directly in the muscle in controlled doses with botulinum toxin injections.

Expect that before receiving Botox injections for droopy lips, patients typically first undergo neurologic assessments and evaluations for the ears, nose, and throat. A patient's tear production will most likely be tested as well, along with their nerve balance.

Why A Side of Your Lips Droop When You Talk

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There might be many other reasons why a side of your lip droops when you talk. That's why it's best to consult a doctor and undergo tests related to the cranial nerve and other brain functions, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and more. Most of the reasons why a side of your lips droop are lip asymmetry, lip ptosis, and facial palsy.

1) Lip Asymmetry

Lip asymmetry is one of the reasons why you have a downturned mouth when you make a facial expression or not. Your lip becomes asymmetrical either due to genetics or the placement of your teeth. Your facial muscles might be too weak or underdeveloped. Getting a Lip Flip by injecting a few units of Botox may be a solution to lip asymmetry.

2) Lip Ptosis

Lip drooping is also called lip ptosis, which usually affects the lower lip. This is caused by trauma, past cosmetic treatments, aging, and other types of neurological conditions. You may reduce the appearance of lip ptosis by undergoing surgical treatment. Patients may also opt for other effective treatment options.

3) Bell’s Palsy

A one-sided droopy lip may also be caused by a condition called facial palsy or Bell's palsy where a side of the face becomes stiff or droops due to paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles. A patient with Bell's palsy may also experience changes in their tear production, saliva, and sense of taste. They may also become more sensitive to sound.

Bell's palsy is one of the types of facial nerve palsies. With this condition, the surrounding areas of the patient's seventh cranial nerve are inflamed--usually a blood vessel. The pressure from this inflammation causes one-sided facial paralysis. The seventh cranial nerve is the one responsible for controlling facial muscles.

How Botox Helps with One-Sided Droopy Lips

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Botox is one of the types of treatments recommended for a one-sided droopy lip. It may also help patients with permanent paralysis as it lessens the effects of facial weakness. This is due to the muscle-relaxing action of botulinum toxin.

1) How It Works on One-Sided Droopy Lips

Botox may help with a patient's droopy lips as it temporarily relaxes the muscles when injected. The patient will receive a few doses of botulinum toxin, which will help lessen synkinesis--the uneven facial movement due to incomplete recovery from facial palsy.

Botox injections relax the parts of the facial muscles that move too much compared with the entire face, which results in asymmetry. The face will be more balanced, and its function will be improved. Receiving these injections may also help reduce eyelid closure. The patient may also receive Botox on the other side of the face and relax the muscles in the lower lip and forehead. This procedure will help you achieve a more symmetrical face.

Patients can continue receiving injections for years if recommended by their doctor. The procedures are still effective and safe even when repeated, though some patients no longer respond well to their Botox injections. These types of patients may receive different types of Botox injections to alleviate their facial paralysis.

2) Complementary Treatments with Botox

Botox may reduce the appearance of facial palsy and restore symmetry, but it will not treat the underlying conditions that caused them. A patient will still undergo other types of treatment for a more comprehensive approach to the diagnosis.

Patients may need neuromuscular retraining, aside from receiving Botox injections. Physical therapists will help a patient reconnect their brain to the facial muscles and incite facial movements. Providers usually teach patients to use the right muscles to make facial expressions and isolate the others. Physical therapy allows patients to suppress the muscles that cause asymmetrical facial movements.

Those who need physical therapy for facial paralysis must see an expert in the field. They may need surgery if Botox and physical therapy don’t ease the symptoms.

Selective neurolysis might be the most recommended type of surgery for facial paralysis. This treatment involves decreasing the activity of the nerves by releasing the platysma muscle. These nerves will counter the patient's asymmetrical smile, allowing the lips to turn upward and restore the patient's smile.

Patients are advised to apply eye drops to soothe the eyes. They’ll find it difficult to blink and close their eyes due to paralysis, so they run the risk of having dry and irritated eyes. Patients should also put on an eye patch for protection of their eyes from too much light and possible injury.

3) How Many Units of Botox

Those who experience facial nerve palsy must consult their doctor to determine the accurate dose and injection site of botulinum toxin injections. What doctors usually give for starting patients is around 15 to 25 units. They may adjust these doses depending on the effects on the patient.

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Wrinkles and fine lines are a thing of the past with a single Botox treatment. Book your first session of Botox today.

4) What Are The Possible Side Effects

Patients may also expect common side effects when receiving Botox injections for a one-sided droopy lip. These are usually mild and should resolve on their own, though you may do something to ease them.

After receiving Botox injections, expect the following side effects:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Skin rash
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth

Those who experience side effects from their Botox injections may apply cold compress on the injected site or take over-the-counter medications as instructed by their doctor.

5) When You Can Expect Results

Botox procedures for facial nerve palsy take a few minutes. Patients may expect to notice the full results of their botulinum toxin injections for about 1 to 2 weeks. These effects aren’t permanent and will wear off after about 3 to 4 months.

Other Treatments That May Help Droopy Lip

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Receiving Botox injections is not the only option you can look into for your droopy lips. Other procedures may also help. These procedures may involve medical treatment, injecting facial fillers, undergoing physical therapy, speech therapy, and surgery.

1) Medical Treatment

The conditions of patients with Bell's Palsy will usually improve even without medications, but doctors may recommend a few of them for a faster recovery. These medications include the following:

  • Corticosteroids - Patients with a swelling blood vessel or facial nerve will need these anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the symptoms.
  • Antiviral drugs - These drugs work best when taken with steroids, but their effects are not yet proven.

2) Facial Fillers

If the droop of your lips is only caused by asymmetry, facial fillers might be enough to achieve a more even appearance. Plastic surgeons will inject substances into the lips to add plumpness and stimulate collagen production. Polyacrylamide and hyaluronic acid are some of the most popular types of fillers used for lip augmentation. Patients may also opt for fat grafting.

Be sure to discuss this procedure closely with your doctor to avoid adverse effects, such as allergic reactions. Patients will most likely undergo blood tests and receive qualified prescriptions on the best dermal filler procedure.

Like Botox, dermal fillers are also a minimally invasive procedure that only takes a few minutes. The results of this outpatient procedure may last for around 6 months. 

3) Physical Therapy

Physical therapists will help patients restore their function and mobility. These experts will assist patients with the proper exercise and massage to prevent permanent contractures in weakened muscles.

4) Surgery

If the droop on your lips is caused by a hemifacial spasm, a type of surgery called microvascular decompression may also be an option. This relieves compression of the nerves as a neurosurgeon places a Teflon sponge between the inflamed facial nerves and the inflamed blood vessel.

5) Speech Therapy

A patient with neurological diseases that result in lip drooping may also need to see a speech therapist. Since there are already changes in their facial muscles and movements, they need to seek therapy to restore the fluency of their speech. 

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Some patients panic at the sight of a side of their lips drooping involuntarily, which is understandable. There may be various reasons why one side of the lip droops while one speaks, so they must seek medical attention immediately to receive a diagnosis. Most of the causes of this condition may be alleviated by receiving Botox injections.

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