What Are the Side Effects of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

For men and women who are tired of frequent shaving and waxing sessions, getting a Brazilian laser hair removal is an excellent solution for their unwanted hair on their bikini line. This treatment provides longer-lasting results than any other hair removal methods and is convenient enough to allow people to return to their activities instantly. But like any procedure, having a Brazilian treatment comes with its own set of side effects. 

So what are side effects of Brazilian laser hair removal that you should know about? Some of the common side effects from a Brazilian laser removal are redness, skin irritation, mild skin color changes, crusting, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These minor side effects can be experienced right after a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment and fortunately, most of them are temporary and will go away on their own. 

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What to Expect After Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Common Side Effects 

Brazilian laser removal procedures are popular regardless of whether it’s the time for bringing out the bikinis and swimsuits or not. Many people are getting this permanent hair removal method to escape their unwanted hair worries and feel clean and smooth skin in their private parts. 

However, the thought of having a laser device treating body hair and skin can sound intimidating to some individuals. So if you are getting nervous about the Brazilian treatment, it’s best to have an overview and understand the possible temporary side effects of the procedure. Here are some of the common post-laser session reactions that you may experience: 

1. Redness 

During the Brazilian treatment procedure, your plastic surgeon or provider will use a specialized laser hair removal device to send light energy to the targeted pubic hair. The laser will need to penetrate your dermis to deliver heat to the hair follicle and its roots. Once the focused beam of laser light touches your skin surface, the heat will cause redness to the outer layer of the treated area. 

This may be accompanied by some degree of skin irritation and itching sensation which can last for a couple of days post-procedure. Make sure that you don’t pick, touch, or scratch at the irritated area since it may lead to scarring and further inflammation. 

You may opt to apply ice packs, cold cloth, or compress to minimize the discomfort or apply a soothing topical gel like unscented aloe vera to take care of your delicate pubic region after the Brazilian procedure. 

2. Mild Skin Discoloration

Minimal changes to your skin color are also pretty expected after getting a Brazilian laser hair removal. When getting your pubic hair removed, you may notice some discoloration in the nether region compared to other areas in your body. This happens because the laser particularly targets the pigment cells in your hair follicle. 

If you have a light skin type, you may see some dark areas or spots after your laser procedure. Meanwhile, for individuals who have a darker skin tone, it’s possible to experience light pigmentation changes. The skin discoloration side effect isn’t a cause for alarm and it will return to its original state after a few weeks. But if you do feel some burn or pain with the discoloration, inform your laser technician or doctor immediately.

3. Crusting 

It’s also common to experience mild sunburn-like side effects after a laser pubic hair removal. Some patients may have minor skin crusting or peeling issues as the skin becomes dry from the laser treatment. While it’s a minor reaction that usually lasts for about a week, it can cause discomfort and interrupt with your activities if not managed properly.

To take care of your skin and allow the treatment area to heal after a Brazilian treatment, your provider may recommend using a fragrance-free moisturizer that can be used on your delicate parts. This can help get crusting and dryness under control and prevent them from escalating to scabs and scars. It will also help avoid scratching the area down there and wear loose underwear to prevent further irritation. 

4. Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PAH) is a possible but rare side effect of laser treatment on the bikini line. It refers to pigmentation changes that happen as a result when a laser affects the skin. 

When the Brazilian laser treatment or bikini laser hair removal is done with poor technique, such as the laser setting being too high, your skin may produce more melanin and cause inflammation and darkening of the skin surface. Very rarely, some patients report seeing dark spots or burn marks on the affected area. PAH is more likely to happen to individuals with a dark skin tone.

There are also uncommon side effects that may occur due to bad laser practices or when your practitioner is unskilled to perform the Brazilian treatment. Some of the rare adverse effects are: 

  • Eye injury risk - The lasers used during the Brazilian hair removal are strong and they may cause eye strain or issues when the practitioner forgets to give you protective eyewear for the procedure. 
  • Skin infection - Sometimes, the treatment may cause a flare-up of skin infection due to the laser penetrating the skin or when you have a preexisting skin condition, active infection, or wound prior to the procedure. 
  • Burns and scars - This may happen when the laser hair removal isn’t done properly or when they miss applying a cooling gel before the treatment. 

How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Works: Is It Painful?

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One of the reasons why Brazilian laser hair removal is that it’s safe and more tolerable than any other hair removal treatment. The act of shaving away pubic hair with a razor may hurt and cause uncomfortable bumps and razor burn afterward while waxing will painfully strip away the hair from the skin surface. 

But during a Brazilian hair removal procedure, your provider will take careful measures to ensure a satisfying experience from start to finish. Here’s an overview of what can happen during the treatment: 

  • Before the laser treatment starts, your provider will apply numbing cream or cooling gel to the area in your pubic region. This will help minimize the painful sensation as the laser treats your pubic hair and bikini area. 
  • The device can quickly send laser energy to destroy the hairs being treated and the whole procedure can be over in 30 minutes. 
  • You may feel redness and tenderness immediately after the procedure. 
  • Patients will be advised to avoid sun exposure and tanning rooms for 3 to 6 weeks to allow the area to heal and avoid worsening inflammation. 
  • You may notice hair starting to shed for the days following the procedure and it’s completely normal and a sign of effective hair reduction. Some patients may need multiple treatments to achieve full removal of unwanted hair in the bikini and pubic area.

Why Get a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal   

A Brazilian laser hair removal helps you have smooth skin and a freshly-shaven look and feel in your bikini line and nether region. It also has several attractive benefits such as: 

  • Gives permanent hair reduction solution: Laser treatments damage the roots effectively delay new hair growth for months and even up to a year, which guarantees you hair-free bikini-ready skin for a long time. 
  • More cost-efficient than any other hair removal treatments: Getting sessions of Brazilian laser hair removal may be expensive but it’s definitely a better alternative that lets you save money from buying shaving tools and razors in the long run. 
  • Eliminates the risk of ingrown hair, scratches, and razor burn: Brazilian laser treatments cleanly gets rid of unwanted pubic hair and butt-area hair without leaving behind ingrown hair, itchy stubble, and razor burns. 
  • Many options and styles to choose from: A full Brazilian laser hair treatment is just option that removes all hair in the pubic area, including the labia and anal region. However, there are also other styles that you can try such as a mini Brazilian, Brazilian Plus, and Brazilian Bikini where you can ask to have a triangle shape or neat strip of hair to be left behind. 

Get Permanent Hair Removal at the Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body 

The best way to reduce the side effects from Brazilian laser hair treatments is to get the procedure done by a trusted laser provider. Experience quality laser hair removal at The Rejuvenation Center for Mind and Body where our own expert doctors and staff have helped countless patients with their facial hair, leg hair, arm hair, and unwanted hair on their intimate areas. 

At our premier health and cosmetic clinic, we practice the best techniques in laser treatments to give our clients safe and effective Brazilian treatments. Book your appointment with us today or call us to know more about our laser treatments and other aesthetic procedures.

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Say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair and all the shaving and waxing that comes with it. Book your laser hair removal sessions today.



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